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  1. DALLAS had a really great cast! The actors worked so well together… I think that was one of the secrets to the success, because the script were sometimes very boring… In DYNASTY the actors worked beside each other, not with each other. You also see a better chemistry between the actors in FALCON CREST, although the script was bad the last 3 years in FC… but DALLAS storylines were horrible the last 3 years too.

  2. Dallas had such a Unique cast. They were really like a family on and off. I am sad to hear Larry Hagman’s Wife Maj has Alzheimers. You never see clips like this of any of the Old nighttime soaps, esp DYNASTY. These actors really knew ho wto do a great job and still have fun! You never heard of any of them having STAR issues. LH was awesome tho on how he got to be the highest paid actor in primetime back when who shot JR happened. They knew they couldnt do dallas without JR


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