Dallas Mavericks 2011 NBA Championship Journey – Dallas Video

This Is a Mix That I made Of The Awesome Championship Run Of Dallas In the Nba Finals 2011 ….. Hope That You enjoy it!!!! Sorry ForThe Extra Black 5 Minutes At The End Was A Error Producing The Video AND Sorry For My Bad English Video Clips Are From NBA.Com Extra Tags Carlos Arroyo NBA Boston Celtics Top Ten 10 Plays Rajon Rondo Sugar Ray Allen The Truth Paul Pierce Kevin Garnett Big Ticket KG Kendrick Perkins Rasheed Wallace Glen Baby Davis Joakim Noah Ben Gordon Orlando Magics Chicago Bulls New York Knicks Toronto Raptors Eddie House Bill Walker Los Angeles Lakers Kobe Bryant Dwight Howard LeBron James Dwayne Wade 2008 2009 Season PlayoffsThe top ten plays for the Boston Celtics from Kendrick Perkins block to Ray Allen’s clutch shot over Noah. There were some better plays but oh well.NBA uploaded the top 10 plays of the Boston Celtics in the season only. People have different opinions about play but it is what it is Boston Celtics Top 10 Plays 2009 2010 Season Rajon Rondo Ray Allen Paul Pierce Kevin Garnett KG Kendrick Perkins Rasheed Wallace Nate Robinson Tony rajon rondo boston celtics nba 208 2009 paul pierce kevin garnett playoffs dunks top 10 career 2008 2007 best kentucky ncaadunks block champion ring chicago bulls orlando magic basketball Rajon Rondo rajon rondo rondo rajon Rajon Rondo’s top pot poy ten net play plays players player boston Mass massive Celtics fred second life second life garden white black swine flu swine flu H1N1 and jdog is in the that most
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24 Responses to “Dallas Mavericks 2011 NBA Championship Journey – Dallas Video”

  1. Aljumbo says:

    4:55 wade look like he took a shit

  2. justinxaz says:

    @veganisextremelygood ugh.

  3. drewski103 says:

    6:05 swag

  4. jessie214 says:

    The rangers losing this year makes it more special when they do win. Theyll have there video just like this.

  5. var05917464 says:

    too bad..rangers cannot settle for parade this year.wtf a strike away then come to slip away…tsk22..

  6. lasoogneypubes says:

    @veganisextremelygood Oh damn I never even thought about that. NBA and MLB championships in Dallas in the same year. Also both the Mavericks and the Rangers had not won a championship up until this point, that is if the Rangers win.

  7. veganisextremelygood says:


  8. LordCfunk09 says:

    is that dragon age music?

  9. superman1113215 says:

    thanks for the video dude

  10. 342kobe says:

    @guerrilarecords black man rapes and murders white woman.

  11. leojingco says:

    the 3 dislikes in this video are: 1. lebron 2. wade 3. bosh

  12. stotzie says:

    the song is time by hans zimmer

  13. mohsin12 says:

    i wonder which three guys disliked this,lol.

  14. NvrEvrSayNvr says:

    @footballstud1408 Now LeBron, Wade & Bosh disliked it.. XD

  15. my3children19 says:

    Go the dirkinator

  16. MavsFFL2010 says:

    Awesome Video! GO MAVS!!!!

  17. 214osito says:

    dirk nowtzki is a UFO a Unblockable Fading Object

  18. elpatriote22 says:

    gotta love the picture at 1:15. Fans already know: Dirk is unguarded and has the ball –> 3 points

  19. rockingkw says:

    8:53 bitchass spoelstra insisting dirk traveled. hope he liked dirk’s tongue in his face

  20. hallo000001 says:

    @iBiRiAiDiFiOiRiD It’s the Inception Soundtrack, It’s called “Time” by Hans Zimmer…

  21. waffle1818 says:

    @iBiRiAiDiFiOiRiD pretty sure its at the end of the movie inception, if that helps

  22. iBiRiAiDiFiOiRiD says:

    This song. I must know where it came from

  23. massajohn520 says:

    hey lebron, hows that german dick taste

  24. nokiaman4 says:

    4:57 L O L


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