NBA Finals 2011: Dallas Mavericks Vs Miami Heat Game 1 Highlights (0-1) – Dallas Video MIAMI LEADS THE NBA FINALS SERIES 1-0
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25 Responses to “NBA Finals 2011: Dallas Mavericks Vs Miami Heat Game 1 Highlights (0-1) – Dallas Video”

  1. frentrup says:

    Haha! Effin douchebags. Only one can dunk at a time..

  2. K3V1N3o5 says:

    Kobe bryant is nothing compared to Lebron James, Lebron James is the HIGHEST paid Basketball player in the NBA for a reason :D

  3. AaronRodgersGBP12 says:

    Miami has to stand And WATCH Dallas raise their Championship Banner and collect their rings right before the tip…Merry Christmas, Miami. LMFAO!!!!!!!

  4. 13jneal says:

    rematch christmas

  5. ZACKSTACK1204 says:

    @TheLeBronJames6Fan or maybe the defense locked him down like i kno my manz dnt choke they jus came up wit a good defensive strategy

  6. iGoHardboii says:

    LBJ 27, Dirk is 34 or something? Kidd @ 38? They got a ring. Lebron has several chances left, assuming they start playing again in the NBA soon. He got too close for haters comfort this year.

  7. Leg0fDoom says:

    @TheLeBronJames6Fan and great game 3

  8. TheLeBronJames6Fan says:

    LeBron had a great Game 1 and Game 2… There’s no way he could’ve just let the pressure of the other games get to him.. He didnt choke. i think it had something to do with the coaches plan. They prbbly made him more of a passer

  9. Zachrydaman says:

    @LiLSiCk916 I think thats just the way LeBron shoots in that situation.

  10. LiLSiCk916 says:

    /watch?v=h4GJHhdl9kc <——- This is what lebron was trying to imitate on that buzzer beater over marion

  11. LiLSiCk916 says:

    that buzzer beater over marion that lebron had , he tried to be like kobe on that one, look up the buzzer beat Kobe had on dallas and yu can just tell lebron was trying to be like the mamba on that play, Im not tryna say that wasnt a nice shot but come on man its obvious lebron is chasing kobe in every way, the only difference between kobes shot and this shot is that kobe’s was a game winner…

  12. burberryplaya007 says:

    i cant get over the HEART BREAK of the heat losing

  13. KmShaon2 says:

    Lebron’s buzzer beater on Shawn Marion was amazing

  14. MrJoelouisbarrow says:

    @JMW525 i know man but if i search for the real game everytime this fuckin video is comin

  15. JMW525 says:

    @MrJoelouisbarrow it says highlights man………….SMH

  16. gamevirus01 says:

    @johnwall2wizards lol u srs using game stats in real life? you’re fucking pathetic

  17. MrJoelouisbarrow says:


  18. Zachrydaman says:


  19. ArbynTheChiefFTW1 says:

    look at these sad faced heat fans defending lebron lol

  20. DzekoVelez says:

    @thecrusheryo what is that supposed to mean?

  21. thecrusheryo says:

    what a win

  22. DzekoVelez says:

    @PackersRunIt12 No they wouldn’t? I would hate to have lebron on my team…

  23. sera7ares says:

    @PackersRunIt12 clutch is not something you occasionally do…it’s who and what you are…

  24. xKisukeX96 says:

    the quali :(

  25. MrPlaya23ish says:

    you can see the lebron looking at the mascot at 2:33


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