David Dallas – Caught In A Daze (ft. Freddie Gibbs) [Music Video] – Dallas Video

from The Rose Tint – download free @ www.therosetint.com David Dallas – Caught In A Daze (ft. Freddie Gibbs) produced by Fire & Ice. From the album The Rose Tint. Download for free now @ http www.facebook.com/daviddallasmusic www.twitter.com/ddotdallas Video by Askew1 Shot in Papatoetoe, New Zealand and Los Angeles, California.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

22 Responses to “David Dallas – Caught In A Daze (ft. Freddie Gibbs) [Music Video] – Dallas Video”

  1. armargedon10 says:


    na na ladi 6 deserved it lol

  2. ineverplay says:

    @badBKMary fuck t money yo that bitch is wack Dallas is where its at

  3. merktecrew says:

    this beat is amazing

  4. sexckaka12345 says:

    Go David! , you will ride the high real soon the USA will begin to love your music!!New Zealand Represent!!

  5. badBKMary says:

    hot song… but check out T-Money GTO…. video and song is fire

  6. kylemccormick36 says:

    @SenrLok fuck you vegas

  7. youngstert says:

    If You Read Then YouHave Great Tast In Music.

  8. nalie8 says:

    hes the man

  9. WIZNIS says:

    just dont understand……this song right here shoulda blew him up

  10. SenrLok says:

    @kylemccormick36 Fuckiiiing SCOOP

  11. kylemccormick36 says:

    i think gibbs will be a legend like if u agree

  12. aaronschainm says:

    freddie gibbs get friiied like every day was frriiidayy

  13. aaronschainm says:

    freddie gibbs is the only reason this song is tight

  14. Bulls4life says:

    im from the states this dude sicker than 60 percent of the goons here

  15. teroteroz says:

    big diff between nz hiphop and us hiphop 2 totally diffrent flows

  16. sotapia06 says:

    LOVE YOU , DAVID !! let’s go !!! :)

  17. ddmoneyyyyy says:

    rappin with a dog on a leash… SWAG!

  18. ivoryrose68 says:

    i love that he still reps nz in other country unlike savage making american version of swing whats that shit man be proud of your country

  19. tatendazuze says:

    thumbs if u know the dairy he’s on.

  20. Kablamosnipe87 says:

    One of the soon to be greats!

  21. DirtyMoney410 says:

    G Gibbs verse was some classic shit..he got the hardest flow 

  22. punkjay83 says:

    21 people are Caught In A Daze……


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