X314 – Crysis 2 – 011 – Leeloo Dallas Multipass – Dallas Video

I couldn’t figure out what to title this video. So after 20 minutes I said, “Know what? I’m just gonna type the first thing that comes to mind.” And so this video’s title was born.

17 Responses to “X314 – Crysis 2 – 011 – Leeloo Dallas Multipass – Dallas Video”

  1. sirlag01 says:

    @devastation2 No, the technical term is called assault rifle, period.

  2. sirlag01 says:

    @devastation2 No, the techical term is called assault rifle, period.

  3. walterharriman says:

    Lol I thought he said ‘Get me a cigarette’ at 0:11

  4. primevel2 says:

    at 11:11 look out you are going to hert somebody with that thing BOOM wow LOL

  5. primevel2 says:

    epic blast at 9:53

  6. primevel2 says:

    @opqwynmzx it is spelt damn not dam

  7. Sir0Robin says:

    Leeloo Dallas Multipass. LOL

  8. Amunication says:

    who got the fifth element reference?

  9. mankykid1 says:

    By installing Origin you’re giving EA the right to monitor your PC and to make a profile of you, including what programs you have installed (and whether you have any illegally downloaded material), what websites you use, etc., and that EA reserves the right to share or sell this information to third parties.

  10. RockerXZ5 says:

    X is like visible puff invisible all the time

  11. opqwynmzx says:

    PICK UP THE GOD DAM SNIPER OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Dylbro67 says:

    Random Comment Time: I ate cheese while watching this… seriously though i was eating cheese lol

  13. P514sub says:


  14. TheCade2001 says:

    the stuped sniper

  15. TheCade2001 says:

    wow he dosint know about it

  16. TheCanadienChixx says:

    I find it okay that he keeps the same guns. I mean, if it works for X, then why should he change them? You know what I mean?

  17. keel421 says:

    Pro tip: Take a quick glance at the weapons or items you can pick up


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