Dallas Mavericks incredible 4th quarter comeback vs the Heat (2011 NBA Finals GM2) – Dallas Video

2011 NBA Finals, Game 2 Mavericks-Heat 2011/06/02
Video Rating: 4 / 5

24 Responses to “Dallas Mavericks incredible 4th quarter comeback vs the Heat (2011 NBA Finals GM2) – Dallas Video”

  1. FrYLocK41 says:

    @bballdude76 Good thing he didn’t teach them how to retire yet.

  2. Marj675 says:

    @amadaeus012 Or he thinks they won the game, already.

  3. 12smallapple says:

    lebron is better than nowitzki you faggs


  4. kAr0lis9 says:

    @amadaeus012 5:09 he just grabbed his teeth protection.

  5. bballdude76 says:

    Looks like Brandon Roy taught the Mavericks something about 4th Quarter comeback.

  6. solidusny07 says:

    Lol I won’t ever forget this game because this game was on the day of my friends graduation party…I was listening to the game on the radio as I was on the way there…I was thinking..my friend said “we were all rooting for dallas and we went nuts” Lol

  7. D10BABY says:

    At 2.51 i can see fear in Lebron’s eyes.

  8. 00Arian00 says:

    i love how confused dirk looked once the game was over 😀

  9. jesusquisensbon says:

    @amadaeus012 wtf with ur ”Yes” gesture, he was getting out his mouthpiece lol stop being a bitch

  10. TheSportsman131 says:

    @amadaeus012 nah, he just didnt have the heart to want to win the title. hes too immature

  11. thatniceguy23 says:

    @amadaeus012 0:26 lebron james was hedging way too much so therefore when dirk makes a pass to marion he couldn’t get back in time to defend it. 0:41 that was not lebron james fault because mario chalmers was suppose to guard jason kidd. 1:37 if watch the whole play miami did not run any offense lots of standing around nobody cutting or screening so lebron couldn’t penetrate and shot clock winding down he has to shoot it… 1:44 lebron was trying to get the ball but marion was in front of him

  12. seros2010 says:

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  13. NintendoMaster66 says:

    @amadaeus012 He just sucks

  14. armour399 says:

    5.20 to 5.30 Slap that chest!!!

  15. Marj675 says:

    Jim Carey FTW.

  16. JRangerCR355 says:

    at 2:29, once I saw Dirk square up, I knew that ball was going in.

  17. MrTcExclusive says:

    The last shot could have gone to Chalmers he had a better look than both Lebron and Wade

  18. SeanWest934520 says:

    2:00 lets go niggas lol

  19. fic1990 says:

    oooh my god that 3 pointer of Dirk its epic its awesome

  20. tallulah9874 says:

    haaaha, lil wayne at 3:10

  21. yadi3ll says:

    en ese juego por poco rompo el techo jajajajaj de show

  22. TheDunkaholic1 says:

    at 5:18 dirk looks confused lol

  23. TheDunkaholic1 says:

    @DeathMassacre26 i agree lebron should of least tried to contest, even tho it may not have made a difference

  24. TheDunkaholic1 says:

    on the three on one fast break, more heat players should have gotten back to help chris bosh at 1:45


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