Today In Amazing Old Press Photos: Liquid Pyramid

liquid.jpgThe Internet yielded very little info on the whereabouts of Liquid Pyramid, which only adds to the mythical element of this press photo, pulled from the depths of the Observer’s filing cabinets. I miss the days when you could wear your p-jam bottoms to your band’s photo shoot. And this is a classic one.

Dream photo shoot scenario: The drummer probably just got off work, and they were like, “Here, hold the sticks so everyone knows you’re the drummer.” The singer looks the most fully committed to the group, as expressed by his two-finger “deal with it” motion and the sunglasses-on-the-nose look. The guitarist was probably the loose cannon in the group, and there might have been artistic tension between him and the singer, as witnessed by the dueling sunglasses. I’m going to guess they played some sort of jazz fusion.

Did anyone ever witness Liquid Pyramid live?

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