Jeremy Lin Show. Dallas Mavericks Vs New York Knicks. 28 Pts 14 Assists. February 19th 2012 – Dallas Video

– I don’t ask for donations, I don’t copy anyone’s videos, I am original. I upload my own videos, I do it for fun & I want to share this with everyone. xXxCrosby87Xx – Video Footage Courtesy Of ABC/ESPN – Spent All Day Uploading. I Hope You Guys Enjoy My Videos. :) The Jeremy Lin Show. Dallas Mavericks Vs New York Knicks. 28 Pts 14 Assists. February 19th 2012, 02/19/2012. – Jeremy Lin Introduction – Jeremy Lin 28 Points, Career High 14 Assists. – Halftime & Post Game Interview With Jeremy Lin – Half Court Shot By A Fan – JR Smith Debut, First Points As A Knick – JLin’s Tongue Wag At 14:52 – Steve Novak Championship Belt Gesture – Spike Lee Being Spike :) – Jason Kidd Embraces JLin. – 3 Point Shot In The Face Of Dirk Nowitzki 😀 by JLin

18 Responses to “Jeremy Lin Show. Dallas Mavericks Vs New York Knicks. 28 Pts 14 Assists. February 19th 2012 – Dallas Video”

  1. wweguy456 says:

    Sorta true…… NYK didn’t know he was great, and lucked out, but the reason he was crap in gs and houston is its not the right team, somtimes certain teams are just for certain people.

  2. keraa99 says:

    enjoy  watching

  3. toasteeze says:

    i thought 4.0 was the highest

  4. cindystar111 says:

    he only got to play garbage time in GSW. no matter how good he performed at times or how popular he was there GSW’s coach just didn’t really like him or give him a chance.

  5. acesin17 says:

    Yea, we were actually going to cut him, he was just a replacement for the injured Baron Davis, NOBODY knew about this.

  6. Gubbible says:

    mark zuckerberg at @4:00 lol

  7. Darkstarfoxx says:

    I hate how Knicks fans somehow imply that the NYK organisation somehow saw that Lin was a beast when Golden State and Houston didnt. We gave him ample oppurtunities in GS to play and he just wasn’t what he is now. New York didn’t even know about him, he was sitting like a second or third stringer when he got his chance, NY just got lucky…Anyway GL to Lin I wish him all the best and hope he continues to succeed.

  8. lonbites says:

    i cannot wait to see jeremy play again

  9. bigbucksboy3 says:

    haha who says asians are stupid asians can do anything! for all those racists out there: you can SUCK A DICK!!

  10. DFrizzleNizzle says:

    it’s cuz he’s asian.

  11. Ezra Castro says:

    Mavericks Nation. NO stopping Dirk Nowitzki 2011 Finals MVP.

  12. Dialingupthe619 says:


  13. walterreally says:

    Lol at the comments here saying that they knew Lin was going to make it big before going to the Knicks.

  14. AndrewTheManHero01 says:

    told my dad the first day knicks picked up lin off from rocket’s waivers. he didnt give a damn cuz he thought lin sucked. After the linsanity he definitely regretted it and wants him back now. i knew he was good. but mah dad didnt care.

  15. jnqidowu1 says:

    ah yep!

  16. robertangeles0427 says:

    Lol, I was a Lin fan since Golden State times.

  17. alwaysandforeversl says:

    The knicks are a great team. Melo is probably one of the better players on the team just because he can handle the pressure and make difficult shots. Jeremy lin is the person you need for assisst and rebounds too. In general you can say that the knicks have some of the best players. The only thing that the knicks need to work on is efficency but other than that the knicks will have a great season next year :)

  18. xxXDILLUSIONXxx says:

    16:48-17:02, the clock never actually starts to run, it just changes number from 25 to 21 to 8… 😉


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