Dallas TNT and Jet Blue Texas-sized Welcome – Dallas Video

It had to be big! Just like everything in Texas, check out our Dallas- sized welcome at the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport! TNT and JetBlue team up along with environmental artist Stan Herd and celebrate the new series of Dallas and new JetBlue route into DFW! DALLAS is an all-new series based upon one of the most popular television dramas of all time, about the bitter rivalries and family power struggles within a Texas oil and cattle-ranching dynasty. Connect with Dallas on Facebook & Twitter: www.facebook.com twitter.com #DallasTNT Catch all the drama. Wherever. Whenever: www.tnt.tv

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  1. frickien awesome watched it from start to finish wont miss it cudos to tnt for bringing back a classic sure to win allot of votes an loyal viewers

  2. Than why in hell are you here watching it melliemae? For instance, I don’t like shows like Jersey Shore or Housewives of whatever shit hole city, so I do not look up youtube clips on them.

  3. So they do have the ability to re-create the opening credits then – why the mishmash hashjob that it’s in the finished version then?


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