Dallas 2012 – Opening Credits – Dallas Video

A preliminary opening credits for the new season of Dallas on TNT … it’ll be renewed when more material is availlable!

14 Responses to “Dallas 2012 – Opening Credits – Dallas Video”

  1. dazzybabe says:

    Next? I KNOW the theme tune’s great. I was pointing out that this is not official. I can’t understand why sad people make these lame-ass things and post them as if they’re official.

  2. PEORVEN says:

    Very good pero el color de los créditos lo hace ilegible en algunos casos.

  3. Rachard LeMachelle says:

    The point is that the theme song kicks fucking ass, and also that you are fucking retarded.


  4. flim72 says:

    Absolutely great! well done! 10 times better than original!

  5. texasrebelaggie says:

    I love this … You’ve readded the character of the original Dallas Credits that TNT took out … Very well done! =-) 4.5 Stars out of 5! =-)

  6. 453c says:

    I like it! This is what the opening should be like.

  7. sypeias says:

    thank you! I’ve already planned a new version with character scenes from the show. stay tuned!

  8. lcar1701 says:

    I think this is a great first start. Especially with the character shots before the Dallas name shows. Just like the last couple of seasons of the original Dallas. You did a great job. Would you be able to remove the stills you have post title and replace with actual captures from the show? There should be enough material out there from the episodes to complete. I wish TNT would have not cut down the opening sequence.

  9. billyjean0990 says:

    u can watch full episodes on bibotv . com/dallas

  10. amimi297 says:

    je regarde dallas quan j’été petite et je viens de voir la nouvelle génération en tous le 1er episode de dallas 2012 .wawe j’ai kiffer tro bien

  11. Pumpsify says:

    Its not fake. Its a genuine fan creation. Have you created anything lately?

  12. Yogi2k10 says:

    the Proper one you can watch here /watch?v=NvXPiE_U990

  13. silverdraggin says:

    This is brilliant! I like it better than the real opening they are using.

  14. MrCoasterdad1971 says:

    I always liked the opening of Dallas, especially with the cast listed in alphabetical order and pics of the cast. This is terrific.


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