Dallas Opening Theme 2012 (Actual) – Dallas Video

Recorded from TNT on 6/13/2012 :06 – New Omni Hotel in foreground of downtown Dallas :07 – Campbell Centre at Northwest Highway and Central Expressway :08 – Fountain Place :09 – Renaissance Tower :13 – Reunion Tower :14 – Bank of America Plaza :23 – 1700 Pacific, 211 North Ervay, and Comerica Bank Tower :24 – White Rock Lake :26 – New Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge at Woodall Rodgers :33 – Trammell Crow Center in foreground of Reunion Tower :36 – Dallas Convention Center in foreground of Reunion Tower & Hyatt :37 – Dart Rail at West End :38 – Cowboys Stadium :44 – Fountain Place in foreground of Dallas World Aquarium :45 – Southfork Ranch in Parker With regard to the music, they revamped the 1980’s version by replacing the disco beat with a driving beat, removing the palm muted guitar and slap bass lines for a more subdued orchestral effect. The theme has also been truncated significantly, but we should be lucky we even get a theme song in this day and age.

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  1. x0bradleyx0 says:

    jesse plays christopher lol

  2. csepyke18 says:

    Agree with you but for the reboot part. This ain’t a reboot, it’s just a continuation of the original story. 😉

  3. voon100 says:

    All they need to do now is to revive Falcon Crest then the 80s will be complete.

  4. pelicanus11 says:

    Geeeshhh! I can imagine its all about SEx sex sex and more sex!! Cant wait to miss it!!!!!! boring as crap!

  5. cudak888 says:

    I’ll say this for it – despite not being entirely faithful, the new opening editing was modernized without being the least bit non-traditional.

    On the other hand, the theme (especially the two ending cuts) sounds as if the audio engineer was tired of sitting in front of Pro Tools all day and did a 5-second splice-and-loop job.

  6. Gavpowers77 says:

    I love the masking technique that takes titles behind buildings. Wish I could learn how to do that on final cut pro!

  7. brinpol says:

    Yes, but unfortunately, given the shape the TV industry is in, they use that extra time for more commercials. With declining ratings across the board, they need to squeeze in as much add dollars as they can. Hence…shorter (and sometimes non-existent) opening intros.

  8. CRDallasFan says:

    I loved the original and I love the reboot. The theme is still one of the very best ever and my city looks great.

  9. GospelAccording2ME says:

    The song is still grand as hell, but I’m disappointed with the opening in general. It felt rushed. I think they should have shown the actors…in alphabetical order. In a world where big production theme songs no longer exist, I feel as if this was a formaility to appease the fans and keep a connection to the original series. Also, I do not care for the manner in which they showed the mansion. It looked fake…almost like a computer animation. Very odd.

  10. MNsportguru88 says:

    JR is still the boss

  11. babylon3492 says:

    This is the opening of the 1st ep not of the 2nd

  12. dobster says:

    There’s no real cut at :21. That weird dropped beat has been there since the original season in ’78. After the intro they always did 1/2 of the theme with french horns then dropped that one beat, then went to a new key and started the full theme with trumpets. In this version they do the first 1/2 of the theme with french horns, drop the beat, do the same key change, and finish the 2nd half of the theme with the trumpets (instead of starting the whole theme over again).

  13. 29Texan says:

    Dude, it’s basically the same theme. It just sounds slightly more modern….

  14. 29Texan says:

    The original came out in the 70’s…. this isn’t the 70’s.

    Sometimes, you have to upgrade, ya know?

  15. BillyJimOMFG says:

    On September 15th, 2012, Dallas comes to Vancouver, BC.

  16. TypeONegativeRulez says:

    I can tell I’m not gonna like the Dallas.I grew up on the old show and the theme was longer.This theme sounds like shit.

  17. billyjean0990 says:

    u can watch full episodes on bibotv . com/dallas

  18. BillyJimOMFG says:

    I’m setting my DVR..

  19. CraigFoye80 says:

    And there’s Cowboys Stadium in Arlington at 0:37!!! Lot more fun to visit there!!!

  20. LogoAttitude says:

    this theme sounds like it’s from a western

  21. BillyJimOMFG says:

    Call us Jell-o. We’re all set.

  22. jadewarlock says:

    I agree – I admit I was surprised at the jump but I loved how they kept the spirit of the original titles here and were creative with some of the cross overs.

  23. jadewarlock says:

    They mentioned in previews leading up to the start of the new run of the show that Jesse Metcalf and Josh Henderson’s names would flip-flop in the lead and second spot all the time to give them equal billing. This is why they didn’t do the alphabetical order and the similar shots.

    I’m just happy we have at least proper titles – even if a bit shorter – here instead of the title card and a brief instrumental score. Then again – I like cable more because they tend to do this.


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