Riot Squad // World Of Dance Dallas 2012 // 1st Place Youth Division – Dallas Video

Soundbox Studios had the pleasure of having 2 teams competing in the youth division this year at WOD Dallas. Riot Squad’s back for a sophomore return to the WOD stage after competing in the upper division in 2011. Not only were they able to bring the first place trophy home, but they were also crowned “Crowd Favorite” as well! Directed by: Andrew Nguyen and Cliff Ledesma Music: Roscoe Dash – “Good, Good Night” (Choreography by Andrew D. Nguyen) T-Pain – “Booty Work” (Choreography by Wes Lambeau Holloway) Jay-Z – “I Just Wanna Love Ya (Give It To Me)” (Choreography by Andrew D. Nguyen) Childish Gambino – “I Be On That” (Choreography by Kyle Buenconsejo) Avicii – “Levels (Skrillex Remix)” (Choreography by Kevin Phu) Audio mixed by: Mark “Q” Quizon Video by: Khoa Dinh
Video Rating: 4 / 5

15 Responses to “Riot Squad // World Of Dance Dallas 2012 // 1st Place Youth Division – Dallas Video”

  1. jailene104 says:

    Luan yes is the one with the mow hawk hair and the one who comes out in front and this group is amazing! It much have felt awesome winning something you guys worked hard for and you guys did great! I need to get out lol… I wanna do something to be proud about like this lol. Anywayss I loved the video (:

  2. Crooks andCastles says:

    Don’t come here cuuhz of Luan . OTHER amazingg dancers on riot squad like Luan -______-

  3. TeoDPanov says:

    4:14 to 4:36 best part (LUAAANN)

  4. district2fan says:

    luan was the bomb!

  5. short N sweet says:

    damn this was bomb . they need to goo to skools evry whre to show thm wht they shuld be doin in competions ! ps. luan bettr work it !!!!!!!!

  6. Isabel Reyes says:

    I think its way too many people. It looks kinda messy. It would have been better if it was like a group of 6 or something. But still, its really good.

  7. Granda Sayavong says:

    YESHH ! Thank you Luan for having a Mohawk !! XD

  8. DoSomethingify says:

    luan was sooo awesome!!!!!!!!!


  9. Silverblackowl says:

    Luan u rocked! =)

  10. lSushilx says:

    is that luan at 4:17?? the hair kinda looks like it LOL

  11. gcookiecutie says:

    …Look for a kid with a mowhawk-ish style hair.

  12. MusicBird4ever says:

    Luan just sent people here from his video. I mean we don’t know any of the people in Riot Squad, so I guess you can say we’re trying to find someone to relate to?
    People always look for someone to relate to… It’s a psychology thing I learned.

  13. Kingjaymoney631 says:


  14. keyonaboo32 says:

    Luan legacy wooo

  15. McEpicnessgirl90 says:

    wat the eff is up with all these comments about luan?!?!?!?!?! its riot SQUAD not riot LUAN….


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