Patrick Smith vs Collin Heier VGC 17 Dallas Regional Championships Top 16A – Dallas Video

VGC 2017 Dallas / Texas Pokemon Regional Championships Masters Top 16A featuring Nick Patrick Smith vs Collin Heier
***Links to all swiss rounds of Dallas Regional Championships

Master Finals (Andrew Nowak vs Collin Heier):
Senior Finals (Samuel Mowery vs William Sepesi):
Junior Finals (Parker Hurley vs Tiara Yeung):
Top 4B (Sam Schweitzer vs Collin Heier):
Top 4A (Andrew Nowak vs Nick Navarre):
Top 8 (Sam Schweitzer vs Caleb Ryor):
Top 16B (Giovanni Costa vs Nick Navarre):
Top 16A (Patrick Smith vs Collin Heier):

Swiss round 1 (Erick Huang vs Samuel Haarsma):
Swiss round 2 (Mitchell Davies vs Tiffany Stanley):
Swiss round 3 (Tommy Cooleen vs Logan Castro):
Swiss round 4 (Caleb Ryor vs Justin Stipe):
Swiss round 5 (Enosh Shachar vs Carson Confer):
Swiss round 6 (Joseph Brummett vs Collin Heier):
Swiss round 7 (Alberto Lara vs Austin Batisda-Ramos):
Swiss round 8 (Jake Muller vs Trista Medine):
Swiss round 9 (Giovanni Costa vs Riley Factura):

Check out the VGC 2017 San Jose Regionals:

Check out the VGC 2017 European / London International Championship:


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  1. hey just wondering why you haven't uploaded any of andrew nowak's videos ? :)

  2. All the swiss rounds are linked in the video description :)

  3. Patrick Smith did really well at this tournament with the rest of Norcal! Very proud of them! I worked on Patrick with the team, but I think he made some great adjustments. Collin's team countered his pretty hard, it was a huge uphill battle here.

  4. 9:20 "Unless Krookodile could benefit from the Sandstorm, not sure how other than the defensive boost the Ground and Steel Pokemon get."
    Holy shit, this announcer has no idea what she's talking about. ONLY Rock Types get a Sp. Def. Bonus in the Sandstorm.. She's so mind numbing..

  5. Why didn't he just rock slide Psychic 15:39?

  6. Non spoiler thumbnails ????


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