Samuel Mowery vs William Sepesi VGC 17 Dallas Regional Championships Senior Finals – Dallas Video

VGC 2017 Dallas / Texas Pokemon Regional Championships Senior Finals featuring Samuel Mowery vs William Sepesi
***Links to all swiss rounds of Dallas Regional Championships

Master Finals (Andrew Nowak vs Collin Heier):
Senior Finals (Samuel Mowery vs William Sepesi):
Junior Finals (Parker Hurley vs Tiara Yeung):
Top 4B (Sam Schweitzer vs Collin Heier):
Top 4A (Andrew Nowak vs Nick Navarre):
Top 8 (Sam Schweitzer vs Caleb Ryor):
Top 16B (Giovanni Costa vs Nick Navarre):
Top 16A (Patrick Smith vs Collin Heier):

Swiss round 1 (Erick Huang vs Samuel Haarsma):
Swiss round 2 (Mitchell Davies vs Tiffany Stanley):
Swiss round 3 (Tommy Cooleen vs Logan Castro):
Swiss round 4 (Caleb Ryor vs Justin Stipe):
Swiss round 5 (Enosh Shachar vs Carson Confer):
Swiss round 6 (Joseph Brummett vs Collin Heier):
Swiss round 7 (Alberto Lara vs Austin Batisda-Ramos):
Swiss round 8 (Jake Muller vs Trista Medine):
Swiss round 9 (Giovanni Costa vs Riley Factura):

Check out the VGC 2017 San Jose Regionals:

Check out the VGC 2017 European / London International Championship:


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  1. All the swiss rounds are linked in the video description :)

  2. William's a genius! Gastrodon with a 180BP STAB Ground move :o

  3. I didn't realise ground type pokemon resist flying type moves……………..


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