Dallas Fuel | On The Watch | Episode 10 – Dallas Video

OGE arrives in LA and joins up with the boys in The Dallas Fuel as they they go into stage 2 week 5 of the Overwatch league. The team tries something new with Mickie and Seagull as they take on NYXL, and the London Spitfire in a tough week.

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Title: Aphasia by Mr FijiWiji
Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nrx6JIdMB8Y
Listen on Spotify: http://open.spotify.com/album/3pGe1AdOGR8mjo4sXqqWkz
iTunes Download Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/aphasia-single/id1012618092

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  1. This is basically an awesome Rascal montage. Too bad he's not on the team anymore 🙁

  2. When half the clips against nyxl is from the player you just released lmao

  3. ironic when most of the highlights in this video are from a player just released today…. ;w;

  4. Mickie is too precious for this world

  5. Why is it that every time the team starts to do well someone gets traded/released? The team never has a stable roster lol. Even the throughout the video, it's things are looking better, people feeling better. Then, bam, at the end, Dallas traded an important team member lol. Is someone trying to kill the team? lol

  6. Yeah, rascal definitely underperformed for dallas fuel. It's not like he switched from hitscan to projectile heroes whenever needed. Not like he didn't want to see the team improve. I remember one of these on the watch videos said rascal was a leader and tried to communicate with the team.

    Yeah, not up to expectations.
    No one can 1v6 a team by themselves. Stupid. Idiots. Please quit or let your players find new homes so i don't have to feel bad. I stood up for you guys and made excuses. I loved this team. I realize i hate dallas, but still love your players. I hope they all leave you and you end up worse than shanghai. ****

    Also, it's nice how this whole video is mostly rascal. Good job, dallas. Good job.

  7. Custa is the most outspoken, even outside of the team.

  8. The episode should be after the break because sht tons of things has happened, but it so behind

  9. On this video see Rascal shine on Genji, Mccree, Widow, but they released him because he wasn't flex omegalul

  10. Booster should be gone from the league(sorry if my English is bad;; haven't had a chance to learn properly)
    대리충아 리그에서꺼져라 ㅅㅂ

  11. NO KYLE FROM NOW ON !!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Ok, so lets see here how do we fix this, for the past 3 stages we've sorta relied on effect hard carrying, we can put seagull and taimou on the dps now but need more scrim time for them, akm needs to practice that flick so he can match against other widows in the league, or we can put effect in there and seagull or taimou with him for dps, what else can we do? we can put heroes (like sombra) that akm can't play into the hands of taimou.

  13. Rascal and custa fuelsbadman

  14. rascal carrying in this vid but u go and release him

  15. literally trade your best player ( shot caller ) that played mercy ( Custa ) for another french player. I feel as if xqc was still on this team, him and rascal would dominate together and if oge was picked up anyways with xqc on the team there chemistry together would be absolutely insane. anyways that’ll never happen.

  16. why the fuck did you release rascal, he is one of the best genji players and he can play the projectile role, do you not realize how much he has helped the team!?!? You should really doubt what you did

  17. Rascal is gone… FUELSBADMAN 😭😭😭

  18. Im always thinking they could be like envyus again , but I think it's over.
    Today is the day where Dallas …
    Run out of fuel…

    Tryhard 7

  19. This team is losing its original identity


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