Cowboys Rumors: Zack Martin Contract, Randy Gregory Reinstatement And Xavier Woods Vs. Earl Thomas – Dallas Video

Check out all the latest Cowboys Rumors on the Cowboys Report with Tom Downey. The Dallas Cowboys rumors featured today include if the Cowboys have reached a contract extension with Zack Martin, if Randy Gregory is in New York meeting with the NFL to apply for his reinstatement and if we should trade away Xavier Woods for Earl Thomas.

Plus, Tom discusses if there should be concern about Leighton Vander Esch’s injury, if Ezekiel Elliott will be the Cowboys’ top receiver and if Tyron Smith is healthy.

Check out the complete list of Cowboys rumors below and in the latest edition of the Dallas Cowboys Report with Tom Downey.

– Zack Martin Extension?
– Randy Gregory in New York?
– Concern about Vander Esch’s injury?
– Zeke as top receiver for DAL?
– Tyron Smith healthy?
– Trading Xavier Woods for Earl Thomas?

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  1. Instead of trading for Earl they should work with Woods

  2. I think Zeke should get more touches in the passing game. Not good that the OC can't involve Zeke in the passion game too.

  3. Zeke will get 35 catches. His catches out of the backfield will not be high because of Tavon Austin. That's why he's in Dallas

  4. If Gregory gets a chance to workout with DeMarcus Ware I'll say 8

  5. Woods~ Younger, unpredictable what u are gonna get out of him
    Earl Thomas~ Experienced, you know what you are gonna get out of him, He is a top safety in the league, brings immediate impact to the team..
    If X-Woods starts at FS I’m sorry but our defense is gonna be below average…

  6. Earl Thomas will be here next year

  7. YES!!! Lets pay Zach MArtin astronomical numbers so that we remain in salary cap hell and cant afford decent free agents to come to help the team get a super bowl. Zach is good, but this is ridiculous. Enjoy the next 10 years of 8-8 and 9-7 records and and another decade with no visit to the superbowl

  8. 6+ sacks nah thats like Ezekiel elliot talking about getting 200 yards in dat seattle game and he only missed 6 games randy missed 2 seasons not gonna happen im fine with just 5 sacks with rotation with the new talent we got.??Im so excited

  9. Greggory will hav 2 the 1st half then get his football legs bak the second half n end up wt 7 in 2018 the 2019 hell hav 10 n d law will hav 13.5

  10. If Gregory gets reinstated, and if hes in good physical ready to go shape I say 10 sacks

  11. I say under 5… I hope Gregory has his shit together and is a monster, but the past would tell us we can't rely on him to behave.

  12. Zeke didn’t play 6 games last year dumb fuq.

  13. I glad u kind of understand. Xavier woods is a 6 round steal just like Darren Woodson not comparing them but he could or can become special just my opinion.

  14. Nice clip, but idk if I agree with a Thomas trade at this point. Richard seems to have a lot of faith in X. And if you you look at the LOB, it was mostly 5th rounders and below that Richard converted into Pro Bowlers. I think he should have a chance to work with Woods for a full season.


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