On the Bus with Mitch Creek: Luka Doncic – Dallas Video

The inaugural episode of On the Bus with Mitch Creek features Luka “Wonderboy” Doncic!


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  1. Love you Luka doncic and the mavs

  2. These cringe pointless questions. Should just do the Russel Westbrook WHUT face and turn around.

  3. The flat earth vs round ball wars with"youtube intellectuals" incoming in 3.2.1.

    but wait…

    Goran Dragic said in one of his Eurobasket interviews that Luka still watches cartoons. So we have a 19 yo kid that still watches cartoons, plays bball and doesn't know much about astronomy. People get triggered way to easy these days. LOL

  4. Do you have a gun?
    Well you can now, you're in America.

    Best line in the whole video right there

  5. hope he is also open to singing/doing skits with the mavs video department, like dirk used to.
    very likeable person.

  6. An ABBA fan? I like him already!


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