Overwatch: How To Be A Pro ASHE! – Dallas Fuel Effect Guide – Dallas Video

Dallas Fuel’s Effect has quickly become a goto source for top tier Ashe gameplay, in this pro guide, we break down how he get’s the most out of her on the Overwatch PTR. We break down her kit with examples on some of the many uses each item has as well as some basic FPS advice so that you too can mechanically achieve what you want to with this new hero. Hope you enjoy!

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  1. Ashe is a top tier hero in the right hands and Effect is definitely a player capable of maximising her. We go through her kit and provide examples on how Effect manages to get so much production out of her each step of the way. Ashe is hard, but her ceiling is almost limitless, hopefully by the end of this video you'll have a better idea of how to reach your peak with her. Hope you enjoy -E

  2. I personally think Kephrii is a better Ashe than Effect ever will be, but that's just my opinon

  3. Character hasn't even been released yet

  4. im a widow main soooooooooo i think i can do this

  5. Ashe is aim based Junkrat.
    Coach gun and TNT = Junkrat mine split into mobility and damage.

  6. The way Effect aims gives me anxiety. I don't understand how you can swipe past the target and still get an accurate shot off. I have to latch onto a target for a second before I fire unless I'm deliberately spamming.

  7. I wanna see what she's like with Hammond, he gathers them up and she blows them up

  8. coach guns allow ashe to do MLG 360 quickscopes

  9. I feel like her TNT is honestly too strong. Sure to maximize usage one must make high skill shots, but I think the value it provides even at the lowest tier of mechanical ability kinda pushes ashe over the edge into 'needs adjustment' territory.

  10. BOB going to be fucking hilarious in Total Mayhem

  11. What if I told you…
    You read that wrong?

    You probably checked, didn't you?

  12. This is how Ashe will be when she goes live, they never balance in PTR and its a joke. Remember when 76 Bastion made it to live?

  13. I may be using controller, but I WILL main this hero.

  14. I'm sorry dude, but unless the player is the one creating and presenting the guide, it's a bit disingenuous to call it an 'EFFECT Guide.'
    EFFECT inspired? informed? Style? Sure!

    But unless they are speaking and producing the guide themselves, I don't really think it should be titled this way. That aside great video, keep up the good work!

  15. The part where you talk about him being patient the his shot is also because he has to wait for the reload animation ( which I think is the main reason ).

  16. Ashe's head hitbox needs to be fixed before she goes live

  17. No body's asking if Bob needs somthing done. This is so sad play jeff despacito.

  18. How to be a pro ashe! have fucking amazing aim and you’ll basically roll.

  19. How to be a Pro Ashe!
    Get pocketed by mercy

  20. What would you say is the best support to compliment Ashe? My first thought was someone like Ana, just because Ashe is going to be bouncing into the far corners with her coach gun. Also, she can combine sleep dart with dynamite and/or easy headshots. At the same time, a pocket Mercy gives her one-shot headshots and two-shot body shots. Maybe Zen if she's really off doing her own thing.


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