How Luka Doncic KICKED His Teammate OUT of Dallas! | Mavericks Crazy Trade of Dennis Smith Jr. – Dallas Video

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What’s been going on in Dallas has been wild. From the beef with DeAndre Jordan, to Luka Doncic and his rise to stardom, it’s been a crazy season. However, things have taken another twist with Luka Doncic’s amazing play leading to Dennis Smith Jr. wanting a trade. How did this all happen? We’ll go over in this video!

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  1. Last 5 games Luka has been averaging: 27.2/6.7/6.4 since he took over the offense.

  2. UPDATE: Reports have said Dennis Smith Jr. wants out of Dallas and considers himself done with the Mavs.

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  3. It is crazy that a rookie is having this kind of impact on other players.

  4. I hope DJ will pass the ball to Luka after a defensive rebound.

  5. Title should've been , How Luka stop the Spotlight from his teammate ??

  6. Dallas tryna brin him back. He not goin anywhere


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