190210 (Moonlight Melody + Seulgi birthday banner event 💕💕) Red Velvet ‘Red Mare’ in Dallas – Dallas Video

Red Velvet ‘Red Mare concert’ in Dallas – Verizon Theater 2/10/19.

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  1. So sweet 🤧 ty for the vid

  2. wendy always looking at crying baby Seulgi

  3. Thank you for capturing this special moment!!! So she didn’t noticed the event banner at first not until the lights on. I cried a lot though I was not physical there. Not only Seulgi but these five grils means a lot to us! ❤️ Love you precious baby bear Kang Seulgi 🐻

    Side not: So cute how Joo Hyun was laughing at Yeri as if like : “Why you even crying? It’s not your birthday 😂”

  4. Seulgi looked so surprise at the first seconds there, Happy birthday baby bear, you deserve all these loves…

  5. can you please tell me exactly what the banner said on both sides.? I came into the venue right before the concert and didn't grab a banner. I heard them say it was her birthday and then I saw her start crying. To be honest I like Red Velvet but they aren't one of my main groups. When she started crying I started to tear up. I liked them so much. They just seemed very sweet. I'm more of a fan now after seeing the concert.

  6. Yeri really loves seulgi. She even pushing yermseul hahahahaha. Yeri is a mood.

  7. This is just so 😭😭😭😭😭 thank u. I've been looking for this. Seulgi and the rest of my rv babies. We love you ,❤

  8. There are so many things that I love about this performance:
    1. the way yeri sweetly says "happy birthday seulgi"
    2. WENDY'S BIG FAT GRIN 0:12 (she's the cutest i love her so much)
    3. the way Yeri was so touched and overwhelmed by luvies (and probs because she too realizes that she's thankful for Seulgi)
    4. how all the members immediately turned their heads toward Seulgi when she sang and start smiling like idiots 0:49
    5. the loud ass cheer for the birthday girl whenever she starts singing
    6. how Seulgi teared up because she didn't expect luvies to hold an event for her
    7. the members constantly turning their heads to look at seulgi
    8. seulgi telling the fans that she loves them
    9. the members taking turns to wish her a happy birthday
    10. red velvet's existence

  9. yeri loves her seulgi unnie so much 😭

  10. Thanks for being born,Seulgi.

  11. Oh my God that's so incredibly cute. Ty Dallas for showing RV mad love

  12. Thanks for being born Seulgi😭❤

  13. The boy said : Don't cry
    Is literally me❤

  14. One of the members of my meetup group told us he saw on social media about a hour and a half that Red Velvet that they were spotted in Deep Ellum.

  15. Suddenly my eyes got watery. So precious!


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