Dallas Instagram star accused of ripping off fans – Dallas Video

Brittany Dawn issued a tearful apology on her YouTube page last week.


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  1. I use to date Brittany back in high school

  2. Why wouldn't she just hire people? You gotta pay to play!

  3. Wow, not to "in depth" 🤔 I've found more info on this scam then this no mention of the thousands of girls she scammed, the fact she did not even send these people a fitness plan half the time. She just took there money and now she only will refund $35.65 , when you sign away your voice once again. Her emails are all missing any personal interest. She clearly just wants to shut people up. She will sell anything. She cant handle anyone that does not agree w her and shut up. She still has the website up. Why would you do that if you had made such a mess? Try reporting next time.

  4. She scammed my daughter too and asked for refund but never responded back.

    Best believe I’m going to court and suing her for at-least $30k


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