Earl Thomas free agency injury stall Dallas Cowboys San Francisco 49ers 1 year 14.5M 14 game minimum – Dallas Video


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  1. WSU’s Crunk 👍🏼😃is Rico gonna be on the team this year? Since we picked up Cody McElroy?

  2. ET is the best safety in the game. I understand he broke his leg a second time. Cowboys can't expect this guy to take $8-$10M a year when those other guys are getting $13-$14M. They should trade D-Law. He is not worth $20.5M. He has only put up half the stats that D-Ware put up in his first 5 years. he is a very good DE, but just too risky to sign long term. Given his injury history, I think the Cowboys would be risking millions of dollars that could be spread around to make the team better. I think the Cowboys feel the same way and that is why they have not reached a deal with him, and they tagged him again. I think the Cowboys are looking over their options as far as replacements for D-Law, whether that be via free agency, the draft, a trade, or a combination of those. I am not sure what they could get for D-Law. I know a first rounder, but others are saying a first and a second.

  3. 2-3 yrs contract to lower cap hit
    Incentive-laced deal with an out after 1-2 yrs to protect us

    But Crunk
    We don't know if it's a hairline fracture, stress fracture, etc
    Noone has heard TI what degree of a fracture
    His foot hit the turf, playing simultaneously with his shin making contact with the opponent
    This alone could be the cause of whatever manner of a break he suffered

    I think his age & unknown injury concern is the holdup outside the fact that everyone knows his heart is with the Dallas Cowboys

    Peace out

  4. In order for DLaw to get Mack-type money he should put up his type stats over at least another year

    DLaw was injured early in in his career, was suspended, had back surgery last off-season & now is in need of another surgery

    Pay him well
    But not too money
    Donald, Mack, Suh, Miller etc have been impressive in excess of 2 seasons as DLaw only has

  5. If Earl Thomas was a HORSE, they'd have already shot him!

  6. There's stronger legs in a bucket of KFC than Earl Thomas.


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