How does Randall Cobb signing impact potential long-term deal for DeMarcus Lawrence? – Dallas Video

NFL Network’s “NFL Total Access” crew discusses how Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Randall Cobb’s signing may impact a potential long-term deal for defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence.
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  1. If they cut Hurns that saves 5 M they will use that for Cobb

  2. Honestly d law is good but we can replace that

  3. just don't get it u keep bringing back druggies rotten attitudes but are waiting for what to give dlaw big money🤷

  4. Wtf. There’s nothing about Cobb in this whole video.

  5. Now Dallas cowboy can be creative lol and create mismatches yes!!!! Move amari in the slot Cobb out wide … move Gallup as a number one Intermingle tavon/Zeke so many choices no excuses

  6. Quin and berry would instantly make them superbowl contenders and if randy Gregory can come back he should be able to the nfl has the worse policy on marijuana out of all sports

  7. 8 years 13 million per year bam and sign Eric Berry resign Dak and Amari Sign Zeke next for bigger deal then he will get this year

  8. The only thing that made him worth anything was that strip sack against the lions to be in the playoffs. Other than that, come playoff time he’s been non existent. He talked all that smack against the Saints didn’t record a sack barely had any tackles same the following week in the Eagles game, and was nonexistent again in the playoffs. Do you want to get paid like a von Miller and Demarcus ware show up like they did in postseason and Super Bowl

  9. Willie McGinest explains how 49ers can form one of NFL's best D-lines

  10. Dang as a die hard packers fan this hurts!!! Randall cobb will absolutely make you cowgirls offense mo betta than it is rn…. other than that hope cobb becomes a bust pissed off he left for just 1yr 5mill smh 💆‍♂️

  11. Lmao what kind of stupid topic is this randall is on a 1 year 5 mil deal you guys must of meant quinn

  12. Cowboys signing WR Randall Cobb does not impact D. Lawrence long term deal, if the Cowboys looking to save money 💰, it’s because the Cowboys are looking to double the salary cap in next year’s free agency

  13. Cowboys and D. Lawrence will get a long term contract extension done, the media needs to stop trying to build distractions toward the Cowboys and D. Lawrence, New England ain’t getting D. Lawrence – Coach Bill Bellichick and Tom Brady needs to give it up and stop trying

  14. He sucks now. Terrible signing.

  15. He's stalling to get a necessary surgery trying to squeeze the Team for more $.

    That is a stupid move on D Laws part and would leave a question mark in anyone's mind about his top priority and what they could expect from him if he's not happy about whatever.

    I think D Law is a great player and a good leader but his negotiation tactic(s) are dumb and make me question his commitment to be ready to play when the contract stuff is done.

    He's gonna get his $! Hopefully in Dallas.
    He's not helping someone else want him with a bumb shoulder that he should have been rehabbing post surgery and doing"show me the money videos".
    As a Cowboys fan I'm disappointed at both sides.

    1. They should be signed him and never tagged him.

    2. He's acting like a fool which brings questions to his leadership and not taking care of his body thinking that he has more negotiational power which is FALSE.

    Get the surgery D Law.
    Sign him or trade him for picks pre-draft Front Office. 20 to 22 is a fair deal. He's not Mack or Donaldson. Don't pay him like he is but pay him very well.


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