$7,000 Rare Betta Fish Pair | AQUASHELLA DALLAS – Dallas Video

Aquashella in Dallas Texas was an amazing fishkeeping festival! There I got to see another ultra rare double caudal fin betta fish, held a black king snake, and helped run the Fishtube booth! Did you see some of your favorite youtubers? The King of DIY got to meet Banana and that was pretty adorable.

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  1. #SQUADUP FIRST GREAT HANGING out with you GUY'S thanks for letting me join the family!🙌💪❤✌😎 #AQUASHELLA

  2. I know a breeder who has a pair of these Bettas that plans on breeding. They are super bazaar

  3. Oh boy get ready for goldfish tails on bettas

  4. What was YOUR favorite part of AQUASHELLA? The event was so much fun and sold out so quickly!
    Want to see another COOL VIDEO? https://youtu.be/hVxJqeqWfGQ

  5. It was so good to meet you at aquashella! Banana is much smaller in person but 1 million times as soft! You were so incredibly nice to be even though I was a nervous wreck lol

    Funny story about Banana the Boa, I was looking at the different snakes in their enclosures over at Envision Cages and the door was open for the boa enclosure. I was looking around for the snake, and turned to my left and he was right by my face! He was hanging on to someone that was talking and he was just like, "excuse me, but that's where I live….can I help you?" He was such a sweet boa.

  6. The double tails are unique but I don't think they are for me. 😂

    I really hope that people don't breed bettas to become like fancy goldfish where they have bulging eyes fat bodies and two tails. These double tails are fine though, i just prefer the look of a plakat or delta/halfmoon. :p

  7. Onyx is sooooo beautiful! He just made anyone who held him "high fashion"…haha!

  8. This show was awesome. See you guys in Chicago. 😊

  9. aww, Banana is a merdog!
    If you want to learn more about reptiles, check out Snake Discovery!

  10. You found some extraordinary things. I love your editing. Amazing work. Thank you for coming to Dallas.💖🐡💖

  11. Can I just say that banana's behavior is WAAAAAY underapreciated in this comment section!!!! She's absolutely the goodest girl of 'em all u.u

  12. 😂 Banana and Susan
    I like Rae's dress, it's very appropriate lol

  13. You now I have Aqueon mini bow 2.5gal with my betta Ray

  14. Awesome video! And my back was in it. Lol My boyfriend has been wanting to catch me on someone’s video. I can tell him I was in one now.

  15. I dont get it, its just a birth defect , why breed this kind of fish , and sell, looks more like

  16. Awesome Video Thanks for Sharing FishFam NJAE19

  17. 7000 doller betta fish ? Wow

  18. Though beautiful those double caudal fin bettas dont seem to swim just right, almost as if they dont have as much movement or control of their body (maybe this was just the clips-just my observation).

  19. Banana and Joey had to be one of the cutest things EVER!


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