Ranking the Dallas Cowboys Position Groups Pre Draft || What Do We Need Most – Dallas Video

Voch Takes A Deep Dive Into College Football Film From Players Declaring For The Nfl Draft. Breaking Down The Players Pros, Cons, Fit, & Projection to the NFL. Other Times I Break Down Dallas Cowboys And Other Nfl Teams

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  1. Very uncomfortable with our offensive line
    T Smith with age and back time to look for replacement, uncomfortable with Travis and his health situation, uncomfortable with Collins at tackle get him back at guard. We can't have an undersized guard with the style of running we want

    Zeke was getting 5 yards alone on first down his first year. Too many oline issue for us to even consider safety TE and D line
    Once our oline is addressed our running game will dominate and Dak will look better throwing the ball with 25 attempts

  2. Arms feet and most importantly size for oline the bigger the dude the more you make the d line work the faster you get them tired the sooner running plays start breaking for 5+ yards
    Collins was young and when he played guard it was a transition to the NFL and new position c'mon man

  3. Connor still too small and weak

  4. I'm with you on this Voch. You wanna see dominance, you gotta start in the trenches. Dline is solid, time for Oline to get an upgrade

  5. Dead on our Oline needs two new starters. Good job Voch

  6. Speak the truth Voch. Only as strong as the weakest link.

  7. A great video, but your problems with Lael Collins would have been better supported if you had data on how many pressures and sacks he gave up. Otherwise, great stuff. Also, your commentary on Thornhill was SUPERB!

  8. All 3 of our pro bowlers are nearing 30 and having injury concerns. Its time to build up our depth

  9. Did my Daily Fanspeak. Took C/G Erik McCoy @58. Then @ 90 CB Isaiah Johnson, @128 S/S Will Harris, @ 136 DT Daylon Mack, @165 RB – Darwin Thompson (pet cat), and for some reason @241 WR – Stanley Morgan Jr. was hanging out there. Plus our 1st rd pick WR – Amari Cooper. That's a damn good draft.

  10. @Voch Lombardi Preach about that O-line because I completely agree.

  11. I have a sneaking suspicion that we’re looking at a guy like Buffalo’s Tyree Jackson in round 6 or 7. Maybe even Easton Stick or Nick Fitzgerald. I think it’s important in today’s NFL to have a backup QB with a similar skill set to the starter. Especially with a young offensive coordinator. I don’t trust a guy like Mike White, who might be able to run a different system pretty well, to run ours which utilizes the rpo a little bit and sees Dak scoring 5-6 rushing TDs a year.

  12. Need a nasty safety DT and a backup rb and maybe a TE. Need a starter quality guy there. I'm sorry cuz Collins and woods playing on a one year deal. Give me a stud there. I think Cb is an underrated need. Cuz we got two corners on one year deals. I want some more turnovers so I wouldn't be mad adding depth there. I agree with the oline point…

  13. Totally agree about the o line. Thats the only position that I go yeah we for sure need to do something about that. I think C will will be a super solid tackle or guard in the future

  14. I’m ok with our line I don’t see Conor William as a good player right now but he’s ok just like Collins. Don’t want to waste a pick in the second on o line it’s ok right now we did it last year and it’s no bet we will get a player better than Collins at 58 the top ones gonna be gone


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