Apology to Kellen Moore | Day 1 of Dallas Cowboys 2019 Rookies Class Minicamp – Dallas Video

Dallas Cowboys 2019 rookies; Trysten Hill, Connor McGovern, Tony Pollard, Michael Jackson, Joe Jackson, Donovan Wilson, Mike Weber, Jalen Jelks, Larry Allen jr and undrafted free agents are in town for rookie mini camp. Kellen Moore is the reason why we drafted Dak Prescott. Maybe I should give him a chance this season to prove me wrong.

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  1. I did not know that about Kellen Moore, that he helped us get Dak Prescott. Thanks for telling me that.

  2. I was not a fan of Kellen Moore at first but, when I heard about what his father had done and, what Kellen Moore had done In college, I am now more open about giving him a chance.

  3. I think we're going to be Awesome this year! Things are looking great for this team.. with everyone working together, seeing especially with our players committing to great work all around. Great Video man! Thank you as always for the great work you put into it.

  4. Having both Cooper&Cobb Dallas is going to be explosive…….

  5. Wasn't Moore still a player when Dak was about to be drafted? Anyways my brother in the words of Bill Parcells, let us not anoint this guy yet! Jason Garrett is still here we don't know how he'll influence things

  6. Big man to admit when he was wrong

  7. Hey Mike you finally called him Kellen ha

  8. Man, screw Charley Casserly.

  9. Stop acting like your experience matters, y'all know NADA!! ALWAYS WRONG ABOUT EVERYTHING!! LOLOLL Cowboys front office got this locked, stay in your lane BRUH, until you start getting paid by Jerry Jones. Sssshh that goes 4 You and your poppa🤔Maybe there's LESS to your opinion it your football knowledge!!🤔👍see what you find when you do your homework, 💪👏for admitting it 💪👏

  10. I can’t wait to see our defense

  11. You need to apologize for that shity music in the intro

  12. He called his own plays at Boise. If you can go back and watch some of those games, he was ballsy! Dude is gonna call some great plays for us man. I'm excited.

  13. 6 adds fuc this shiet I'm out

  14. I heard he called our last game against the Giants is there any truth to this?

  15. Dude check out the 2018 highlights of DT Mustafa Johnson 6-2 290 Colorado, 7.5 sacks. The next Aaron Donald

  16. Glad to hear Moore talk about using some other players and creating some new looks ..

  17. Damn you country as hell, weirdly i love it tho, guess its refreshing to hear an accent, you know other than mine getting pointed out

  18. Watched a interview and got more from it than 10 years of linnehan, dont know if thats a good or bad thing tho

  19. Ah they hit your que with a ad

  20. Hill looks like he needs some weightroom time, but he should only be on the field in running situations

  21. I think you pay amari top dollar

  22. We have to remember every offensive coordinator start their career as a rookie offensive coordinator I always believed in Kellen Moore from that video with Jon Gruden Quarterback Camp ESPN with Kellen Moore it's on YouTube and that's way before he became an offensive coordinator actually that was his rookie year I believe in my team no matter what that's what's being a fan is all about

  23. Thanks for sharing that Mike


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