Pseudo Sangrita at the Double Wide: It’s Like a Pickle Back, Only Less Gross

Sangrita.jpg​”Have you ever tried a pickle back?” I knew I was in for a long night as soon as I heard the question. We’d just strolled into the Double Wide to let off a little steam. Pickle backs (or pickle shots), for the uninitiated, refer to the pairing of whiskey and pickle juice, straight out of a jar.

It sounds gross, but it works somehow. The green, acidic pickle brine softens that bad whiskey burn, leaving hints of smoke and gherkins in its wake. I’ve had some top shelf versions, with premium whiskeys and brine from outstanding kitchens. Last night I almost had the more popular take, with Jameson and green juice from a squeeze bottle that had a single dill pickle slice floating about.

“What about sangrita?” I countered, trying to avoid the whiskey-fueled pain-train.


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