Cowboys Rumors & News: Byron Jones Return, Jourdan Lewis Trade, Dak Prescott & Jeff Heath Starting – Dallas Video

The Dallas Cowboys offseason is going strong with NFL OTAs wrapping up & Cowboys minicamp set to begin next week. The cornerstone of today’s Cowboys rumors is if Byron Jones will return for NFL training camp. Jones has been held out of Cowboys OTAs & will miss minicamp as he is recovering from hip surgery. However, he is reportedly “progressing nicely” and is aiming to return by the start of the Cowboys training camp.

In other Cowboys news, has Dak Prescott improved his deep ball accuracy? Cowboys OC Kellen Moore said he has improved simply because they have put in more reps throwing the ball downfield. Plus, is George Iloka still sitting behind Jeff Heath? The roster battle at strong safety is one to keep an eye on as the 2019 NFL season nears. Also, which WR has been impressing the most at OTAs? The answer might surprise you.

Some more Cowboys rumors include if the Cowboys will trade CB Jourdan Lewis in 2019. The Cowboys secondary is crowded with the likes of Byron Jones, Chidobe Awuzie and Anthony Brown ahead of Lewis on the depth chart, but Lewis could end up making some plays & adding significant trade value that the Cowboys might take advantage of. Finally, is Eli Manning better than Dak Prescott? Find out on the latest edition of the Cowboys Report with Tom Downey!

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Here is the complete list of Dallas Cowboys rumors discussed on today’s show:
– Byron Jones Back By Training Camp?
– Deep Ball Better For Dak?
– Jourdan Lewis Trade?
– Iloka Still Behind Heath?
– Reggie Davis Most Improved WR?
– Eli Manning Better Than Dak Prescott?

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  1. Who is the better QB? Dak Prescott or Eli Manning?

  2. Honestly on the debate of Eli vs Dak just have Dak win a super bowl under his belt then it will have more ppl talking

  3. Dak is better than Eli next question!!!

  4. No Dallas don't trade Lewis he a good CB and I think he can be a great CB.

  5. Why is heath still on the roster

  6. Why on Earth is Brown ahead of Lewis? Utter lunacy.

  7. Lewis to start at slot corner.

  8. jones will get trade before dallas week 1 matchup vs giants

  9. I don't understand why trade Jordan Lewis??? For what?? What could we possibly want or get..? And it's not like he's a big cap hit.

  10. dak deep ball better than moore

  11. Iloka gotta win the job. It's Heaths job to loose, like it or not.

  12. how many of these completions of 20+ yards were a catch at 15 yards and taken to the house or a 5+ YAC?

  13. Still watching ya tom. I'm subscribed and all. I don't always comment but I always watch. A good host makes for a good show. Thanks for the hardwork

  14. Start Jourdan Lewis over Anthony Brown. Not that I don’t like Brown, I just prefer Lewis and his mindset especially when he took on Dez in that documentary on Amazon. And I’m still high on that Saints game where he should’ve picked Brees off twice.

    I think that SS spot will be kinda interesting to watch. I think iloka will get the nod to start next to Woods but I’m kinda thinking Wilson will prove he can be a competent back up. Heath will have to keep up and be Heath. Meaning, be available.

    And who the hell would think Eli is better than Dak? O’Hara is definitely biased. Like,… what the hell lol

  15. Start Jourdan Lewis, but if you’re not gonna start him. Trade him.

  16. #Cowboys Lewis doesn’t have a lot of trade value. So do you up his snaps in preseason? Let him show up and boost his trade value, then trade him?

  17. Jones is over rated.. he doesn't get turnovers.. he's like another cb we held onto for to long.
    (Terrance newman) he is one we could let go or trade

  18. Eli Manning isn’t even better than Alex Smith

  19. Put Lewis at FS and move Woods to SS. Don’t tell his size his to small. Look at Lewis size vs Earl Thomas size

  20. No true SS that can come up and make a tackle is a big issue and will burn Dallas this year. Also no true NT. We are weak up the middle

  21. Hey Tom, Since Wentz just got paid, what do you think Dak's deal will look like? I know Goff is next as well. Wentz has a SB ring, he played very well until he tore his ACL, and Goff has been to a SB so I assume all that goes into consideration. I actually think Dak may prove to be better this year, similar to his rookie season, proving he's better than Wentz since he finally has some WR's around him. What are your thoughts?


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