Predicting ALL 32 TEAMS 2019 NFL Record Game-by-Game – Dallas Video

Predicting ALL 32 Team’s 2019 NFL Record Game-by-Game

Cleveland Browns – 0:00
Cincinnati Bengals – 2:05
Baltimore Ravens – 4:08
Pittsburgh Steelers – 6:33
Kansas City Chiefs- 9:02
Oakland Raiders – 11:36
Los Angeles Chargers – 14:17
Denver Broncos – 17:21
New England Patriots – 18:46
Buffalo Bills – 21:24
New York Jets – 23:15
Miami Dolphins – 25:15
Indianapolis Colts – 27:01
Houston Texans – 29:34
Tennessee Titans – 32:05
Jacksonville Jaguars – 33:59

New York Giants – 36:37
Philadelphia Eagles – 38:29
Washington Redskins – 40:28
Dallas Cowboys – 41:44
Seattle Seahawks – 43:23
Los Angeles Rams – 45:51
San Francisco 49ers – 48:40
Arizona Cardinals – 50:43
New Orleans Saints – 52:44
Atlanta Falcons – 54:56
Carolina Panthers – 57:04
Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 58:54
Green Bay Packers – 1:00:54
Minnesota Vikings – 1:03:08
Detroit Lions – 1:05:49
Chicago Bears – 1:07:44

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  1. This guy is full of bogus. First of all, there is no way the Packers are going 12-4, they haven't done that in 5 years, and five years ago, they actually had a really good receiving core, good young rb, a rock solid offensive line, and a respectable defense. Five years later, they do have Aaron, but nothing more than a crappy Offensive Line, meh TEs, an average ground game even with their hire this off-season, and no play makers at wr outside of Davante Adams. And Aaron Rodgers is playing on that collerbone he broke in 2017 and hasn't been the same since. They will win 10 if lucky. I am seeing 7-9 and no playoffs for the Packers. You do realize the Bears, Vikings and Lions all with good defenses are in the same division, yet he thinks GB finishes first. It's time to stop living in the past and realize that this team isn't that great anymore and focus on the teams that actually win or have really good statistical defense/offense which the Packers don't have. TBH, this isn't probably going to be a popular opinion and I am ready for arguments against it, but I actually got the Lions or Bears win division (Lions fan so expect a little bias). The Bears won last year because of a really good defense and a respectable offense, but they lost their coordinator. I think though because of their schedule they go 11-5 despite Pagano being their coordinator. Lions on the other hand, I could make an argument they win because of the change at OC to a coordinator that actually knows how to run the damn ball, and utilize Stafford's strengths. Also, as crappy as their situation is right now, if everything gets settled, they will be a top 10 even 5 defense with Patricia at the helm. Overall, I am seeing 9-12 wins for them. There is no way they only win 4 unless something goes terribly wrong and all these accquasitions don't work out. Compare that and the Bears to the Packers, they have a much better chance than you think. Heck, I could make an argument that Vikings will win if Kirk can not choke for once.

  2. Everybody forgets Steelers success rate against rookies kyler has no chance

  3. This dude just said THE TITANS are gonna go 3-13. If he ain't the dumbest "sports analyst" I've seen so far then he's a very close 2nd.

  4. “Feeling good, your on a roll, playing Arizona, they aren’t a good team” We’Ll GiVe YoU a LoSe

  5. Love how he just gave teams wins and losses for no particular reason

  6. Steelers drafted the best defense what do you mean 9-7

  7. When he says the best team is the colts
    👋 boi

  8. How tf do Pittsburgh loose to Arizona

  9. Yeah he's drunker than youtube

  10. This isn’t fun. They need to do more daring prediction because every year there is the surprise team and this time they’re picking every team from the playoffs last year

  11. Ravens 11-5
    Browns 11-5
    Steelers 7-9
    Bengals 3-13
    Colts 10-6
    Texans 8-8
    Titans 7-9
    Jaguars 7-9
    Patriots 12-4
    Bills 9-7
    Dolphins 6-10
    Jets 4-12
    Cheifs 13-3
    Chargers 11-5
    Broncos 8-8
    Raiders 5-11
    Cowboys 11-5
    Eagles 10-6
    Redskins 9-7
    Giants 7-9
    Packers 11-5
    Bears 10-6
    Vikings 8-8
    Lions 6-10
    Saints 14-2
    Falcons 10-6
    Buccaneers 7-9
    Panthers 5-11
    Rams 12-4
    Seahawks 9-7
    49ers 6-10
    Cardinals 4-12

  12. I highly agree with your browns prediction

  13. A healthy skins team with the easiest schedule end up with one of the worst records?

  14. how do you have the broncos going 2-14 lmao

  15. The 49ers are doing better then 3-13 49ers got a chance

  16. …I'm a Vikes fan, but TWO losses to the Lions? That's just stupid…

  17. ✌📼📼📼📼📼✔🎧🗿


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